Common online slots offers

Common online slots offers

The modern gambling industry is highly competitive and most of the gambling now takes place online at virtual casinos. Slot games at are the main attraction and customers flock to these in their millions. All customers must join an online casino to be able to play these games with real cash. The challenge for gambling brands is getting new customers through the virtual casino doors and then keeping them as regulars once they have opened an account.

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common online slots offers and one of the most effective in attracting customers, is the welcome bonus. Not all welcome offers are the same, but they do all share the same goal, and that is to continually appeal to new customers.

Deposit Boosts

On face value, deposit bonuses seem the most generous offers that online slots sites have to offer their players. Here, a new customer is tempted to make that all-important first onsite deposit, with the promise of some free casino cash. This often comes in the shape of a 100% deposit match and the minimum deposit needed to activate this type of bonus is between £10 and £20. These matching boosts usually have a cut-off point of £100. So, if a new customer deposits £100, the casino will match it with another £100 and this is the maximum that can be obtained.

Wagering Rules Apply

Wagering requirements are added to such bonuses but the wagering amounts differ from casino to casino. These are added to make it difficult for punters to turn the free casino bonus cash into real cash that can be withdrawn. The industry standard is between 20x and 40x the bonus amount. If it is 40x and the casino has met a £100 deposit with a £100 bonus, then you must multiple £100 x40 which comes to £4000, and this is the amount of wagering needed to convert the bonus into real money. Many customers fail and their deposit and the 100% bonus are used up leaving them short of the set wagering targets.

The key to successfully meeting and surpassing wagering rules is by triggering random special features or bonus rounds whilst spinning the reels. Since punters are free to pick and choose the slots they can play when using a deposit boosting special offer, it is best to pick high RTP slot games, where winning spins are more regular than when playing low RTP rated games.

Free Spins

Everyone likes free spins, and these are often used as standalone slot offers or they are part of a deposit boost. These spins are now mostly free of wagering rules, but they are also set at the minimum stake, so the more spins on offer the better, as this gives the best chance of scoring a worthwhile win.

No Deposit Offers

The offers described so far require the customer to make a deposit, but some slot offers are no deposit required offers. These include a small cash lump sum with wagering requirements attached, or free spins, again these do not need a deposit on-site to be activated.