Common Features of Slingo Slots

Common Features of Slingo Slots

Slingo is a game which was made by mixing slots with bingo. Some of its features are similar to slots like Coral Slots whereas the other features are similar to bingo. That is exactly what makes it so awesome. Some experts suggest that the game is more similar to bingo than it is to slots. In this article, we will discuss this game in detail. So, read on to learn more.

The Origin of Slingo

The game was actually discovered all the way back in 1994. The one who discovered it was a gentleman by the name of Sal Falciglia who was based in New Jersey. Surprisingly, Mr Falciglia did not have any close association with the world of gambling before this discovery. He was involved in the field of real estate.

Indeed, he was a lover of slots like all of us. However, Slingo was something that he stumbled upon rather unexpectedly. In fact, he felt that the maximum this new game could achieve was being adapted into a TV show. Today, Slingo continues to be one of the favourite genres of casino games for online gamblers around the world.

Common Features

Of course, different companies are coming up with different adaptations of Slingo. They are using distinct themes and innovative features. Nevertheless, all the games share a set of typical similarities:

·        The layout is designed in the form of a grid having 5 rows and 5 reels.

·        In total, there are 75 symbols/numbers in the game.

·        A player spins the reels to land 5 matching symbols/numbers in a line.

·        The symbols/numbers landing on a line are picked by the RNG.

Here, the term ‘RNG’ is an abbreviation of ‘Random Number Generator’ which every slot game is programmed with. It goes through tons of numerical combinations in a second. That is what makes things so much unpredictable.

Our Top Picks

More casinos are starting to add Slingo to their list of games nowadays. These are our favourite franchises:

Name of the FranchiseReturn to Player Rate(approx.)
Rainbow Riches95.6%
Fluffy Favourites95.3%

The volatility of Rainbow Riches is medium and the volatility of Fluffy Favourites is between medium and high. However, Monopoly is a bit different because you can alter the volatility in accordance with the level you choose to play at.

Best Casinos

Here are our favourite casinos to play the game at:

1.      Vegas Baby

2.      Poker

3.      Slot Box

4.      Diamond 7

5.      Great British

All of these gambling sites are supported by the best developers in the industry. They give out lucrative bonuses like match deposits and free spins so that players feel incentivized to play more.

Final Thoughts

The name itself is a play of words where you take the ‘sl’ from slots and the ‘ingo’ from bingo to put them together as ‘sl-ingo’. This game has a fanbase of its own because it is highly engaging. Companies like Net Ent and Microgaming are planning some big developments for this game. So, you can expect to see many more innovations in the coming years.