Everything You Need To Know When Planning Your Trip To Las Vegas

Everything You Need To Know When Planning Your Trip To Las Vegas

Las Vegas is often referred to as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ and you will quickly learn why. There is something happening around every corner, from street performers to pool parties, so you can guarantee that you will not get bored! While the city is best known for gambling and partying, it is worth noting that the city has plenty to offer in the way of family fun. Whatever you are looking for in your vacation, Vegas has something to offer.

Our guide will help you to plan your trip, so you do not miss a thing in the iconic city of Las Vegas.

When to visit

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1 When to visit

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2 What to pack
3 Entry Requirements
4 Things to see and do

Las Vegas is one of those cities that can be visited all year round. The fun never ends, and the hotels and casinos are open every day of the year, so it is not like there will not be things to see and do. Just to be clear, each hotel complex is an attraction. Yes, they might have a casino as part of the complex, but there is so much more to explore than the slot machines so do not be put off.

If you are wondering what the best time to visit is, consider between January and April or October and November. Visiting during these times will provide warm weather so you can stroll up and down the Strip, while also enjoying the endless number of pools.

Summers are hot in Las Vegas and you will be melting as you move from one complex to the next. The mist machines on the sidewalks will become your best friend, but you will still want to spend as much time indoors as possible. On the other hand, winters can get quite cold, so you will want to bring layers to keep warm as you explore the city.

What to pack

Your packing list will depend on the season of your trip. Obviously, if you are visiting in summers, you will want clothing for hot weather. We recommend bringing a hat and flip flops for hanging out by the pool. In winter, you will want a warm jacket and probably even a scarf and hat if it is during the middle of the season.

Regardless of the time of year you visit, remember to take:

  • Walking shoes – the Strip is likely to be much longer than you think!
  • A nice outfit or two – for night’s out on the town
  • Bathing suit – can be used in the hot tub if it is too cold for the pool
  • ID – you may need a form of identification to get into clubs

Entry Requirements

If you are headed to Las Vegas from an overseas destination, make sure you understand the entry requirements. If you do not have the necessary paperwork, you may be refused entry to the United States or even be denied boarding your plane at all.

It is important to understand that the requirements for entry into the USA varies on your residency. That means somebody visiting from one country is likely to have different entry requirements to a visitor from another country. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that each traveller does their own research to see which requirements apply to them. This is especially important in the current climate, where borders are rapidly changing due to Covid-19.

For residents of countries belonging to the Visa Waiver Program, you will need to obtain an ESTA to enter the USA. The usa esta is an online questionnaire that will help customs process your entry when you arrive. Essentially, you get an ESTA by completing all your details and then submitting them through the online system. A small fee applies that can also be paid online. Once it has been approved, you will be notified. It is recommended that you complete the ESTA at least two weeks before you travel to ensure there are no issues with your application. The esta application check does not guarantee you entry into the USA, but is necessary for finding already existing visa. You will still need to go through customs and have the officers approve your entry.

For people who are residents of countries that do not belong to the Visa Waiver Program, other entry requirements will apply to you. Make sure to check websites well before your departure date to see what documentation you need to enter the United States. Also, if there are any corresponding fees to avoid a shock at the airport.

Things to see and do

There is so much to see and do in Vegas that you will never run out of things to keep you entertained. The following are some of our favourites – you will want to add these attractions to your itinerary!

  • Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show

This popular fountain show is an absolute must-see when in Las Vegas. Head to the Bellagio Hotel to watch the water move gracefully to the music. It is mesmerizing for all ages.

  • Take in the view from the Stratosphere

Love a good view? So, do we. There are not many better places to observe the Strip from above than the viewing platform at the Stratosphere. There are also some thrill rides to get your blood pumping.

  • Get a drink at a rooftop bar

Las Vegas is known for the partying, so if you are keen on getting a drink, we recommend heading to a rooftop bar. What better way to enjoy your cocktail than with a good view? Voodoo Bar at the Rio is a good choice and has an epic glass-walled elevator to the top.

  • Visit Fremont Street

The old part of Las Vegas exudes charm and energy. With street performers, neon lights and a zipline, you will be glad you headed away from the Strip for this experience.

  • Explore the Strip

The Strip is the heart of Las Vegas and likely where you will be spending most of your time. Wander through each complex to enjoy the themed hotels. The Venetian, New York New York and the Luxor are worth a visit.

  • Get a photo with the iconic Las Vegas sign

Complete your trip with the classic tourist photo with the Las Vegas sign!

If Las Vegas is not on your bucket list, it should be. The fun never ends so you are guaranteed a good time.