Top Reasons to Pursue PMP Training

Top Reasons to Pursue PMP Training

Anything having a start, finish, and having a defined scope and resources, is not a routine operation, but it is a specific set of operations to accomplish a singular goal. The application of skills, knowledge, techniques, and tools to project activities in order to meet the requirements of the project is called project management.

Often project management is associated with engineering fields and construction and also healthcare and IT, having a complex set of components to be completed in order to create a functioning product. Every project needs a plan, outlining the things to get off the ground, to build and finish them. These require particular skills and in order to learn them, there are project management certification courses online. Individuals can take these courses and improve their skills.

Why is Project Management Important?

There are only some companies that successfully complete 100% of their projects. The reason behind this is no proper project management. It is hard to create accountability in the team due to poor project management practices.

Here are some more reasons why project management is important.

  1. Strategic alignment: Linking the organization’s structure and resources with its strategy and the ultimate objective is known as strategic alignment. Every client has strategic goals and they are advanced by the projects done for them. A project manager’s duty is to ensure that the project helps in the fulfillment of the strategic alignment of the organization. On the progression of projects, there is a possibility of risks, which are turned into issues, and a change of business strategy may take place. But it is ensured by the project manager that the project is realigned.
  2. Leadership: A team is guided by the leader in a project and that leader is the project manager whose goal is to complete the project in time and within budget and deliver what was promised. Project management is important as it provides leadership and vision, motivation, coaching, and enables the team members to do their best work.
  3. Clear focus and objectives: The most common reason for project failure is the lack of clear goals. For achieving the strategic goals it is important to come up with a proper project plan and for this project management is important.
  4. Planning: Due to a lack of proper planning the average overrun of the projects decreases. By project management, it is ensured that there is proper availability of the information to the clients and the organization of what is to be achieved, the duration of the project, and the resources to be used. Unrealistic goals can be set without proper management and would ultimately lead to over-budgeted or delayed projects.

What is PMP Certification?

PMP certification is the most important and industry-recognized certification for project managers. Project management professionals leading projects are found in nearly every country. There are many other certifications that focus on a particular domain or geography but PMP is truly global. Project management professionals can work virtually with any methodology, in any industry, and in any location. When it comes to salary and earning potential, a significant advantage is provided by the PMP.

Professionals having prior project management experience are eligible for PMP certification. Before qualifying to take the PMP exam, 4500-7500 hours of project management practice and 35 hours of project management education should be completed by the candidates. There are five domains for the PMP exam: Project initiation, planning, execution, analysis and monitoring, launch and closure.

It is a 4-hour exam having 200 questions of multiple choice. It is computer-based testing which is offered by Prometric testing centers worldwide. A paper-based version of the exam is also available but in a limited number of Prometric testing centers. From the computer-based testing, candidates will immediately know the results. They will be getting notified by the computers if they have passed or failed and the proficiency level is also displayed in each domain area. There are 4 levels of proficiency:

  1. Above target
  2. Target
  3. Below target
  4. Need improvement

Candidates appearing for the paper-based version of the PMP exam will receive their results in about 4 weeks. On failing the exam, he/she is allowed to appear up to 3 times in a calendar year.

PMP certification is a valuable certificate program. Candidates with PMP certification are prioritized by the interviewers looking to fill in the position of a project manager. It makes your resume more attractive to the companies. The standards of PMP certification is high. Without extensive preparation and being a master in practical application, it is hard to clear the exam. New tricks and techniques can also be learned in project management activities.

PMP Online Training – Your Path to Achieve PMP Certification

Since PMP requires years of practical experience as a project manager, it will be easier to study online while gaining that experience. Some skills of project management like communication, cost management, and project time management are the general skills that can be used in almost any position. Applying the project management skills will benefit you as well as the company you work for.

Another benefit of online training is you can study at your own speed and you can set up your schedule by your own time which is suitable for you. The key to the successful completion of an online course is to be disciplined and be realistic.

There are many online courses that offer a forum for students to communicate. Being a part of an online community is very beneficial. Most online courses also allow professionals to contact the instructor for clarification on any particular aspect of the course which will be very beneficial for your preparation. Many have taken advantage of online PMP training and passed the exam in their first attempt. So, why not try this option and join the worldwide community of PMP certified professionals.