5 Baby Cradle Safety Standards You Must Look For 

5 Baby Cradle Safety Standards You Must Look For 

A baby cradle is considered one of the most essential things that you buy for your baby. When you buy it during the end months of your pregnancy period, just taking a glance at it gives you a lot of happiness. Choosing the most appropriate cradle for your baby is important for ensuring the safety of your baby, comfort, and sleep because your baby will spend a good amount of time in the cradle during his early life. You need to follow a few tips to make sure that you buy the right cradle for your baby. Read this post further as it is going to be the guide that you will need while buying the most appropriate cradle for your baby. The safety standards to look for are as follows:

  1. Compliance 

This is the most significant thing to be considered while buying a cradle for your baby. You must make sure that the product you buy complies with the required safety standard that the cradle must satisfy. Apart from having the right design, shape, and structure, the cradle must be safe enough.

  1. Sturdiness 

You must make sure that the mattress present within the cradle is stable and has the required amount of sturdiness. It must be fitting snugly in the cradle with no open ends. You must look for a cradle that has a strong supporting mattress.

  1. Automated swing option

Cradles for babies might have become advanced over the years, but swinging is one such trick that is used by all mothers across the world. It has been proved by research and studies that when babies swing lightly, there are higher chances of them falling asleep. You can find a rocking cradle for your baby so that your baby can swing safely. You can find a baby cradle on rent at any rental store.

  1. No sleep positioners 

Few cradles have sleep positioners attached to them which are made to help the baby in sleeping towards their back. Sleeping on the back is advised for reducing the risks associated with SIDS. But, sleep positioners can cause suffocation. It is recommended to prevent them by keeping a regular check on the baby to assure that they are sleeping in the proper position.

  1. Height 

Even if you find your baby sleeping happily in the cradle and you might think that the nap will continue for a longer time, you can never really be certain about it. Babies can wake up very frequently when they are uncomfortable. You must select a cradle that is of the accurate height that you need.

These are the safety standards that you must look for while buying a cradle for your baby. There are a lot of stores that offer you to rent furniture in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai at affordable costs. Looking for these safety requirements in the cradle that you wish to buy for a baby can help you in making an effective purchase and of course, ensures your baby’s safety in the best possible manner.